Is Left Low the Way to Go?

Try a left hand low grip like Tour Championship and Fed Ex Cup Winner Billy Horschel.

In many cases, a left hand low grip helps avoid wrist break during the putt.

Whatever you do, be sure to maintain free flowing mechanics which promote good rhythm.

3 thoughts on “Is Left Low the Way to Go?

  1. My experience exactly. I tried 10 puts conventional 7 puts were left, 3 right. LHL (Left hand low) 3 dead center, four right and three left. but the spread was way less than half of my conventional spread. I have been putting left hand low for almost six years.
    Sat I had a poor day putting if it was on line it was short if I got it to the hole I either pushed or pulled it. Today, I split my hands slightly and had a much better day putting, difference in feel was amazing. The other thing that helped when I first went LHL.was to position my hands slightly ahead of the ball at address, this produced a more positive roll.
    Enjoy your ideas, keep ’em coming.

  2. After reading “The Fundamentals of Putting” and doing some experimentation, I went left hand low. It made a huge difference for me, especially in the 3-10 foot range where I always thought I should make the putt but too often didn’t.

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