Who Will Win The Ryder Cup?

The Ryder Cup is one of my favorite events to watch because it is team play rather than 150 individuals competing in stroke play. I also like the match play format.
Who do you think is going to win the Cup?

The Ryder Cup is also one of my favorite competitions because it gives the players a chance to play for a team, rather than just as individuals.

I too like the format of ‘Match Play’, which is the format most golfers play on a regular basis. We don’t often use the terminology correctly; for example, a “Foursome” – as you will see during the Ryder Cup matches — is alternate shot not four guys in two carts playing their own ball and having a periodic slug of refreshment during each hole. This is a Four-Ball; A match in which two players play their better ball against the better ball of two other players on a hole by hole basis.

Roger, the teams are reasonably well matched, so it is now a matter of strategy with regard to pairings and order in which the players are designated to play. The strategy is very much like chess in that nobody knows what the other side is thinking until the pairings and/or the order is simultaneously published each day. Once this has been presented then the excitement comes in watching how the strategy plays out.

I would like to ask our visitors to make a comment as to who they think is going to win and why. Share your thoughts below.

Have fun watching the Ryder Cup


11 thoughts on “Who Will Win The Ryder Cup?

  1. he (Watson) certainly seems to be keeping is own counsel, not using player input in making decisions about pairings or strategy. may not be the best course. Americans lose by 4 points.

  2. I there is any justice the American team will be motivated to win one for the captain–Tom Watson. He deserves one more honor.

  3. Colin Montgomerie gave some interesting comment last night which I have been pondering.

    He said that the American rookies are better than the European rookies and since rookies are an unknown, that gives a slight advantage to the Americans.

    On the other hand, he said the “home court” advantage was probably worth a point, and that the Americans also have to have an extra half point to take the cup, so on paper a 1 1/2 point advantage to Europe all other things being equal.

    I tend to agree with both those ideas, meaning that as Bob says, we the fans will be the big winners.

  4. I think the Europeans will win, only because they seem to stay focused more than USA. I am pulling for USA and hope my prediction is wrong.r

    • Mine was the same thought but I have found out from last five to six competition event years, the players who have made teams by points have done good for first year of the completion and got stuck for rest of two years and are no good for match play. USA should only pick players who play well the year of Ryder Cup and wait until last week for Captains Choice. Our rookies played well for last year throughout and it showed. USA team players do not focus on hole by hole play.
      They do not have that instinct in their system

  5. The Europeans will win for several reasons:-
    1Many more higher ranked players than the US. More individuals have won majors.
    2 Home advantage.
    3 Sergio and Poulter thrive under team pressure.
    4 Beat USA playing away last year against all odds after 2 days.
    5 Tiger is not there.Rory is playing.

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