Trust What You See

Don’t Stifle Your Intuitive Ability.

When you are going to do something — such as, where to step when going up or down stairs, or onto a curb, reaching for a cup of coffee, throwing a ball or just walking — you rely on your subconscious to guide you and to give instructions to that set of body parts responsible for doing that “something”. These instructions are based on only a moment’s input and observation of your immediate surroundings, noting the conditions and precise location of important objects related to the action you are about to make. You then act accordingly relying on instructions of your programmed subconscious and fulfill the task without further ado.

However, the moment you consciously interfere with, and override the subconscious instructions by doubting your intuitive ability, to process correctly the information you acquired by observation, the efficiency of the action is compromised.

An over-active, doubting and interfering mind can be your worst enemy when it comes to sinking more putts. Have faith in yourself and trust what you see and feel and then do it.

Plan your putt through systematic observation; program your body with a rhythmic motion and a good pre-shot routine; then trust your plan and, “Let It Happen”.

If you believe you can do it, you probably can.

Putt well.

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