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Need some advice on my driver.  I have pretty much played golf all my life, but maybe 15 times per year.  This year I retired and joined a country club and have already played 40 times

I play an old Nike straight eight driver.  Regular shaft, mid kick point 9.5 loft.  I am a 67 year old male, 10 handicap, fairly athletic.  My country club is actually in a wetland.  I feel I hit the drive too high.  Many times my drive buries in the fairway or actually hits and comes back a yard or two

I am pretty accurate with the driver and carry the ball approx 200 yds, but often no roll.  Guys I play with hit more of a line drive.  Carry far less, but get lots of roll and end up out there with me.

Do I need:

Shaft with higher kick point?

Lower Loft than my current 9.5?

Club known for imparting less spin?  Examples of these clubs?

Appreciate any advice.  Thanks.



The best way to lower the trajectory of your drives is to change the swing path to a more descending blow going into impact  OR if you like your swing as it is then decrease the loft a degree or more.

A higher kick point shaft might also help but this will change the feel of your club. The last thing would be to get a lower spinning ball which will also lower the trajectory.

If this is too much to work on then wait for the turf to dry out, which will be tough if its a wetland golf course, or ask your buddies to play a different course now and again to see if it makes a difference and you are out driving them.

Hope this helps



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