Santa’s Wishes for Golf

We asked Santa what he had in mind for golf this year. He was kind enough to take time off from packing his sleigh to send us his list which he believes will help the game become more attractive to everybody wishing to enjoy its very personal challenges.

Santa’s Wishes

  1. Course owners, starters and the pro-shop staff in charge of starting times should — under no circumstances — allow any less than ten minutes between tee times, and have a built in ten minute “starters time” every hour, to deal with unforeseen delays.

  1. Most golfers should play from the 6,500-yard tees or less.  Any longer than this is too long for most golfers no matter how far manufacturers claim their driver hits the ball.

  1. The owners and operators should direct superintendants to make sure that the rough is not so long that golfers cannot easily find their ball.

  1. Those entering the game, including youngsters, should understand the etiquette of the game, and respect its heritage, while becoming involved in making changes that will make the game more attractive.

  1. Golfers should practice, and stretch more to gain greater range of motion and take a lesson from a well-qualified instructor and then get fitted to a set of clubs.

Above all, have fun on the course.

Have to dash….



Thanks Santa!

Please let us know what you think Santa left out that will make golf more attractive by leaving your reply below.

From both of us and our team at Frankly Golf, we’d like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a “Hoppy” Holidays. It has been a pleasure to help you  and discuss the game we all love. We look forward to more of this in the New Year.

Until then, please review our Winter Putting Class, which starts January 4th to help take your putting to the next level.

Best wishes to you and your loved ones,

Frank & Valerie


5 thoughts on “Santa’s Wishes for Golf

  1. Please be ready to hit your shot when it’s your turn. Take the club (or a couple) with you to your ball location so you don’t have to go back to the cart (if you’re riding). The main thing — ENJOY! Nothing like getting out there and having a good time!

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