Top Putting Tip of 2015

Here is the Putting Tip that was most popular in 2015:

Stroke Path: Straight or Curved?

We can finally put to rest the age-old question of whether a proper stroke moves the putterhead straight along the target line or on an arc that goes inside the line on the backstroke and inside again on the through-stroke. The answer can be found in Frank’s March 2015 Golf Digest article.

This discovery inspired Frank’s development of The Frog Stick, an easy to use training device which guides you into making a proper stroke path.

Click here to read Frank’s article as seen in Golf Digest.

Are you ready to take your putting to the next level? If so, enrol now in our “Mastering the Fundamentals of Putting” Course which starts January 4, 2016.  Click here for more information.


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