Winter Golf Equipment Storage

Frank and Valerie,

Hope 2016 is a good year for both of you on and off the course.

What is your view on storing clubs and balls (both premium and economical) for Michigan winters in the garage?


Dave, MI

Dear Dave,

Thank you for your New Year wishes and all the best to you and your family for a happy and healthy 2016.

There should not be a problem storing the balls and clubs in the garage on a short term basis during the winter in Michigan, however I would suggest that if you have a place in the house with lower humidity this would be preferable.

Remember that your clubs and balls have feelings, and if you look after them well, they will behave themselves next season.

Hope this helps.


P.S. I do suggest that you spend the winter months in Michigan perfecting your putting skills which you can do indoors and at your own pace. To take your putting to the next level, click here to learn more about our online course “Mastering the Fundamentals of Putting”.

One thought on “Winter Golf Equipment Storage

  1. It’s always a little sad when the time comes that you have to put your summer gear away for the winter. What I love about it though is knowing that my equipment is going to be safe, warm, and dry all winter long. It’s worth it when springtime comes and we get to pull it out and it’s like you never left! I like how the article points out that even though it’s winter, it doesn’t mean that you have to stop practicing your skill!

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