Time to Putt

If you spend too much time over the ball thinking about how hard to hit the putt or what your line is, it will give your brain too much time to start interfering with, and controlling the stroke. We need to shorten the time we spend over the ball. If in doubt, don’t make the stroke but back off and regroup. Go through the last part of the pre-shot routine, set up again, take a last look at your target then let it happen.

How often do we see a basketball player running around the court and just as he is ready to throw his three pointer, stop to think about the trajectory, distance and his aim? We must trust our acquired ability to observe, process and subconsciously instruct the body what to do.

Unfortunately we have too much time when putting and this makes it more difficult to stop the mind from interfering. We need to: trust; set up; and with a quiet mind, Let it Happen.


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