Arnold Palmer, 1929-2016

Arnold Palmer was the greatest ambassador the game of golf has ever had. He brought the game of golf to life and exposed its wonders to people around the world.

Arnie had his own style and made it work. He deserves a moment of silence and a word of thanks from each of us next time we tee it up, for his contribution to the game.

Arnie, we love you and the game thanks you.

Rest in peace, my friend.



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18 thoughts on “Arnold Palmer, 1929-2016

  1. I met Mr. Arnold Palmer and Mr. Mark McCormick a number of years ago when I was playing the South American Tour. We sat and talked at the Intercontinental lobby lounge in Rio de Janerio with cocktails and listened to the many stories to his early start, amazing personality and to bad he has left us but did wonderful things for Golf and Humanity, Good Bye.

  2. He and his “Army” were responsible for bringing golf to the fore and into our homes. He was a tremendous Ambassador and role model for the game of golf. He led the way for those who follow! His legacy will go on forever. May he rest in peace..

  3. Just like Elvis, there is only one King of golf, as Elvis was to music. Was my pleasure to get a signed visor at his Bay Hill tournament a couple of years ago. My treasure from him.

  4. Mr. Palmer was a long time pilot and accomplished aviator. I was humbled to meet him in Charlotte once right after we had taken delivery of a new Beechcraft King Air B-200. He wanted to see the cockpit and came over and asked if he could look inside. As usual, the consummate gentleman who treated everyone with a warm smile and a genuine handshake.

    His accomplishments on the golf course speak for themselves as does his legacy.

    Rest in peace Mr. Palmer and thanks for growing this wonderful game.

  5. Met Arnie one time one-on-one, believe it or not he was putting his own clubs in his car’s trunk. It was the beginning days of the “Senior Tour” (now the “Champions Tour) and the stop was Charlotte where Arnold owned a house and a Cadillac Dealership. I simply said “Hello Mr. Palmer.” He turned, put his hand out to shake hands and just as simply said, “Hello”. I paid him some compliment that I don’t even recall and he said,”Thank you so much.” I wished him luck and walked away. I remember his hand as being large, his eyes making contact with mine, and that he was still that ordinary guy from Western Pennsylvania while being crowned “The King”. RIP Arnie.

  6. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest at the time Mr. Palmer exploded onto the national scene, there were golfers here who captured the imagination of an impressionable teenage caddie, me. Bruce Cudd, Dick Yost, Dick Price, Don Krieger, Spike Beeber, Harold Jacobson, Lou Stafford, Jerry Mowlds, all had the swagger, game, character, and talent to be emulated. And I know that Arnold Palmer influenced them as a peer just as much as he has influenced so many through the years. We were lucky to be at this place and time to witness and experience it…….

  7. Like many others of my age, I grew up an Arnold Palmer fan mostly because my dad was a huge fan. Fast forward many years and I found myself volunteering at the Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill. My motivation was to get to meet Mr. Palmer, to honor my father, as well as help out the wonderful charities in the Orlando area.

    A quick story if I may – When his grandson Sam Saunders would play in the pro-ams, Mr. Palmer and his wife would follow along in a golf cart for a few holes watching Sam play. My post was on the 2nd tee and when Mr. Palmer arrived we would make sure that he could get up on the back of the tee in order to watch Sam hit his shot. However, on most occasions, Mr. Palmer would be besieged by spectators seeking his autograph, or taking a photo, which he always obliged. On one occasion I was positioned next to Mr. Palmer and he was so busy signing autographs that when Sam came back to talk with him about the shot he asked “Sam where did it go, did you hit a good one”? Mr. Palmer never saw the shot and I suspect there were many others that he didn’t see because he was such a generous man.

    God bless you Mr. Arnold Palmer.

  8. Annie gave me a chance to play the game I have loved for 43 years without belonging to a Country Club. Forever grateful, Mr Palmer, may you RIP.

  9. Without Arnie, we would never have had Tiger Woods and all those golfers who did not come from country clubs which mean I never would have had access to golf nor would my kids. Thanks Arnie and may your soul rest in perfect peace.

  10. I agree he was my childhood inspiration for the game I love and am lucky to work in today. Thank you for opening the door to our wonderful game.

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