USA vs Europe

Frank, who do you think is going to win the Ryder Cup?
–Mac, Chicago

Thank you for this question.

Of course, Arnold Palmer’s passing will be on the minds of many of the players and will no doubt inspire them.

What I do know is that we are going to be treated to a more exciting competition than the weekly, $zillion first prize, medal play events. The players will be outside of their normal comfort zone because they are playing for the team – USA or Europe — and not for themselves which putts a lot more pressure on them and the form of play is “Match Play”.

They are not alone, however, but have support teams to cheer them on — wives, companions, captains and an army of vice captains.

The reason for the enhanced entertainment value of the Ryder Cup is that we the viewers, will see more chances taken than in medal play. This will allow us to watch some shots, which we all think we can play – or at least we are inclined to attempt anyway — with little odds of success. In this case, with the experts trying these shots — even though the odds are still not so good – they will come off more frequently and thus the thrill of this exciting form of entertainment.

Strategy plays a significant part in match play – more than sipping a beer between shots — not only during play but the psychology of the secret selection of the lineup. This is what keeps the captains up at night.

Mac, once again thanks for the question which is a difficult one to answer because the sides are fairly evenly matched if we consider talent, team spirit and psychology.

I can say with confidence the winner will be the team with the most points — which I believe will be the USA.

To all of our Frankly Friends: enjoy the Ryder Cup…share your thoughts on who is going to win (and why!) by replying below.


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