Today’s Driver Designs


I love my 45-year-old wooden Wilson driver. I think it’s easier to square up than my new, much bigger titanium model. I struggle with this club and miss it both left and right.

What gives?

Stephen, N.Y.


Sure, the smaller wooden clubhead will have a lower moment of inertia (MOI), or lower resistance to twisting, than the larger and hollow titanium driver. Though that might make it easier to manipulate (like your 5-wood, for example), a smaller head physically cannot be as forgiving on mis-hits as your oversize metal wood. The titanium driver might be more difficult to square because of the higher MOI, but it should not produce inconsistent shots (i.e., snap hook one time and slice the next). Instead, the culprit there might be the shaft (too flexible, too long). I would guess the wooden Wilson driver probably has a stiffer and shorter shaft than your new titanium model, so check that the shaft in your new driver is not too long and matches your swing speed.

There is no doubt that today’s drivers are much better than the wooden versions, as you will no doubt learn from the Wilson Driver vs Driver show on Golf Channel. The second episode will air on Tuesday 18th October at 10pm Eastern.  



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