How Much More?


How much more would my game improve re. distance and accuracy if all the performance standards set by the USGA were lifted? –K


Not much.  

Mother Nature has set the true limits on performance. The existing performance standards for golf clubs are comparable to the setting a speed limit of 95 mph when automobiles are unable to go faster than 100 mph.

K, my best advice to you is to spend some quality time learning how to use the good conforming equipment that is out there and then trust yourself.

The biggest constraints we face in golf are of our own making. If you trust yourself, you open the door to your true potential.

Hope this helps  


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One thought on “How Much More?

  1. The best thing a golfer (particularly an aging golfer past 40 yrs old) can do is stay fit, do a lot of flexibility and high-rep strength training on the golf muscle groups, and take lessons from a pga teaching pro. Equipment is not going to solve your golf woes.

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