Is it You or the Putter?

How often do we blame the Putter for a bad putt when it really may not have anything to do with the “Putter” but rather the “Puttee”?

In most cases, it is the “Puttee” that messed up, by lifting It’s head to see the putt go in OR by not aligning It’s body correctly OR by not having executed It’s pre-shot routine.

Without a consistent pre-shot routine — making sure that we have read the putt and then committing to that line, followed by the mental preparation and belief that you can make the putt — you will not have the confidence needed to just ‘Let It Happen’ so you will try to control the putter path and interfere with the natural rhythm. This will inevitably result in a missed putt – short, long or way off line — especially those short putts.

Having said this it is important that, a) your fundamentals are sound and b) that the putter you are using is not limiting you from reaching your potential in becoming a good, confident putter and having more fun on the green.

It’s important to know more about your putter design and how and why to select various options.

If you decide you would like a Frankly Frog putter there is advice to help you through the simple step by step process of building your own Frog putter.  If at any time during the process you have a question or are unsure about your selection, please just click the button provided to e-mail me and I will help you with your selection as soon as possible.

Putt well.



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