Your Putter Grip

Before your next round of golf, double check that your putter grip is on straight. If your grip is twisted it can affect your putting significantly.

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5 thoughts on “Your Putter Grip

  1. Long ago I decided to try a round grip on my putter(s). I use the same grip as on the other 13 clubs (currently Tour Velvet Midsize. I regrip each year, or so…
    A flat side on the grip gives you more information than you need. Just line up the sweetspot of the putter with the line on the ball that you’ve chosen, and hit it hard enough to get to the hole. NOTHING is worse than leaving a putt short.

    • Nathaniel is just re-stating the KISS principle which still applies in a lot of areas of our lives. Why shouldn’t it apply to putting as well? Good comment which has given me an idea.

  2. Normally, putter grips last much longer than club grips. Putter grip is not held tight
    when putting. If you really rely on putter grip alignment, you are doing it wrong. Putter blade alignment with respect to line of putt is important. This is my thought.
    Yes if putter grip is warn out replace it

  3. Good tip. Can’t tell you the number of times I’ve found a perfectly good putter in the “used” bin with a crooked grip.

  4. Thanks for this tip. I have had a new grip fitted to my putter and I have not been putting well. I have just checked it and it was fitted perfectly. Looks like I need another excuse.

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