Top 10 Tips to Spring into the Season

Get ready to spring into the season with these top 10 tips from Frank:

1. Find your golf bag.

2. Empty your golf bag of ALL its contents: balls, clubs, old candy bars and anything else you have squirreled away. Develop 2 piles: stuff you need to throw away or keep in the garage and anything you want to put back in your bag.

3. Check the grips of your clubs. In most cases you should regrip annually. Depending on the amount of use it had last season, your golf ball retriever may also need to be regripped.

4. Be brutally honest with yourself: take those clubs that you have not used and are wasting space in your bag and put them in the garage right next to your ego. This will make space in the bag for clubs that will be more useful.

5. Unless you have a sleeve of new balls in your bag, make sure that all the rest are assigned to the shag bag, except for 2 old, sacrificial golf balls that should be used on the first couple of water holes of the season. Select a brand and type of golf ball that you like and stock up for the season.

6. Make sure you have an adequate supply of tees, ball markers, pitch mark repair tools and of course a Sharpie to mark your golf ball.

7. You will need a few band aids on hand, especially as you get started into the season, as well as suntan lotion (small bottle) and some lip balm.

8. Check the cleats in your golf shoes are all there, and make sure that the shoes will last you a whole season. If not, replace.

9. Check your raingear and make sure it still fits you after the long winter.

10. 45% of your score is on the putting green, so invest in our Spring-Time Special Putting Improvement Kit and practice your stroke in the living room until you can get onto the green for some real practice.

Have fun, the season is just around the corner! Let’s make sure that you and your golf bag are ready.


One thought on “Top 10 Tips to Spring into the Season

  1. this is by far some of the best advice i’ve ever gotten! i’am printing this and will pass it along to all of my golfing buddies. many thanks and keep up the good work that you’re doing.

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