Selecting a Putter Design

Given that putting makes up approximately 40-45% of your score, its important to know what to look for in a putter, and to know why you have selected the putter you currently use.

Many of our Frankly Friends have emailed us with questions about how to select the best putter design for them when they are shopping for Frankly Frog putters, and we thought we would share some information with you on this important topic, especially if you are looking to save shots this season.

There are built in performance differences between blade style putters and mallet style putters.

Blade style putters require a more consistent stroke and impact pattern because of the nature of their design. There is less opportunity to move weight around in a blade style putter, thus it is not as forgiving as a mallet style.

A mallet style putter is the most forgiving putter design you can choose and is best for most golfers.

If mallet style putters are a little too large for you, consider a mid mallet putter which will give you performance benefits in a sleeker look.

See the design benefits of the Frankly Frog putter that will improve your putting.

If you are looking for some more, in-depth information on selecting the right putter for you, please visit Frank’s very popular article on Simple Rules for Buying a Putter.

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