Some Masters Observations

Like everyone who loves the game of golf, we enjoyed the thrilling end to The Masters this weekend.

Congratulations to Sergio Garcia on finally breaking through and winning the green jacket, and his first Major. A wonderful display of self-belief and never giving up. Truly inspiring.

Justin Rose was right there alongside Sergio and together they put on quite a show of golf for us all to enjoy. In many ways, sports people reveal a lot about their true character when they lose as well as when they win, and Justin Rose gained many more fans with the classy way in which he handled himself.

Most notable was the manner in which they played, the thumbs up between the two of them and the mutual respect they showed for each other. The game of golf needed that this weekend.

You may also have noticed that approximately 40% of the top players on Sunday were using face balanced, mallet putter designs with rear split weight technology. This design was first introduced by Frankly Golf in its Frankly Frog putter in 2003. It has taken 14 years for the major manufacturers to recognize the benefits of this technological design. This technology is exhibited in its purest and most stable form in the Frankly Frog Putter.


5 thoughts on “Some Masters Observations

  1. The pro at my club in Australia picked the Garcia/Rose one, two finish after the first round. “When the weather gets bad at a major always look to the Europeans. They know how to handle it:” It was a great result to a great event. A special mention for Matt Kuchar too.The look in the eyes of the young fellow who was given the ball at the back of 16 after Kuchar’s ace was just terrific.
    David Davies, Callala Beach, Australia.

  2. Frank:

    You should sue Sergio and all the other pro’s who are using your brilliant design purloined by competitor manufacturer’s. I would suggest a meager 10% of winnings.

  3. The pros using face balanced rear weighted putters including not just Rose and Garcia but also Rahm gagged a lot of short putts. Even on 18, Garcia missed a straight putt that didn’t come close to the hole.

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