The Gods of Golf at Augusta

The Masters was not only another demonstration of distinction in every respect – which we have come to expect — but this year in particular, it gave us the opportunity to witness genuine emotion.

Three instances come to mind:

First, the emotions exhibited by Jack and Gary on the first tee.

Second, the genuine comradery exhibited between fellow competitors in the playoff.

Third, the spontaneous emotional donation — which meant as much to a young spectator as winning the tournament itself – of a hole-in-one ball by Matt Kuchar.

I believe that all instances were truly from the heart.

The Gods of Golf are alive and well.

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4 thoughts on “The Gods of Golf at Augusta

  1. Frank, well noted on the spirit of the game and the emotions that come from that. It would be hard not to come to tears listing to Billy Payne introduce the tournament. The excitement on the boy’s face when Kucher gave him the ball. Then the back & forth support between Sergio and Justin on the back nine. The Masters is my favorite major.

  2. I realize this comment will be received with understanding by some, disdain by others, and curiosity by a few. I understand the term “golf gods,” and perhaps it is another one’s terminology for the “rub of the green.” Yet, there is only One God…our Heavenly Creator, and His Son, Jesus Christ.
    All good things come from them. Generosity, comradeship, and good manners are traits that they have allowed us to share in and enjoy.
    Golf is a gentlemanly sport…(or, should be). When we behave as we should, preferring one another over ourselves, we are exhibiting Godly acts, and life – as well as golf are so much the better. There is nothing objectionable to trying one’s best. That is admirable. Losing a competition and still being happy for the victor is greatly admirable.
    The so called “gods of golf”, or fate, or luck, or the “rub of the green” have nothing to do with how events take shape. We should be thankful that God above “allowed” us to invent and play this great game. We should act, as people, like we are thankful.

    Jerry Payne
    Wingate, NC

  3. I could not agree more! and bravo to both Sergio and Justin and also Matt!!
    one thing i really hate seeing is when a player tosses their ball in the lake, or pond or river when if they walked off the green and gave that ball to a youngster in the crowd instead… they would make a young fan ecstatic and his parents would have a great deal of admiration for that player!!
    just another way to help grow the game with young fans
    ed in montreal

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