Sink More Putts

To become a better putter and sink more putts, it is first essential, to know, understand, and master the fundamentals – “The Fundamentals of Putting” will certainly help. Then with a confident sound stroke and a well-designed correctly fitted putter, focus on a good natural rhythmic stroke.

You must let your intuitive ability take over, and this happens in the same way as when you throw someone a ball, and do not think about how hard to throw it.

If you trust yourself and let it happen you will sink more putts.


Angel Selected for US Solheim Cup Team

We are very proud that 18 year old Angel Yin has been named as a member of the US Solheim Cup Team. It has been our pleasure to see Angel apply our putting research findings and fundamentals, (as explained in The Fundamentals of Putting and Certified Putting Instructor Course) to help her putting for almost 5 years. Great performance last week in the RICOH Women’s British Open at Kingsbarns, finishing 11T.  We like it when good things happen to good people.  –Frank & Valerie


2017-08-01 12.02.49

Frank and Angel Yin on the putting green at the RICOH Women’s British Open at Kingsbarns


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