Take it Back

Because the putting stroke has properties similar to those of a pendulum — except that it is in a plane tilted at approximately 10-degrees to the vertical — rotating about the spine, one must not be scared to take the putter back farther than we are inclined to do. We resist a long back-stroke because we think we are going to lose control.

As a result, we truncate the back-stroke and are therefore inclined to force (punch) the forward stroke. This manipulation contributes to inconsistent distance control.

The primary force moving the putter head forward – if we have a relaxed grip and no tension in the arms and pivot about the spine – should be gravity. This is the case with a pendulum and this will help your natural rhythm. So, don’t be scared to take it back a little farther and don’t force the forward stroke, let gravity play its part.

The most inexpensive and effective way to gain confidence on the green is to understand the putting stroke. This is best done by visiting a Frankly/PGA Certified Putting Instructor (CPI) and/or reading “The Fundamentals of Putting” which is based on scientific principles. The Fundamentals of Putting has large print, lots of illustrations and is easy to understand and implement, so there is no excuse for not putting well with confidence.

The putting stroke is simple, it is we who make it hard.

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