Coexisting With Carts

Many people — who otherwise would give up the game — have been able to play and enjoy the game because of golf cars (carts).
That is good for those who are not able to walk the course.

Unfortunately use of carts has too often reduced the amount of daily exercise we need to maintain a healthy lifestyle for those of us who are capable of walking the course.

It can be argued that carts have not necessarily reduced the time to play a round, nor improved the social aspects the game offers.

In many cases, courses have been designed with the cart in mind to optimize the layout of a development.

Carts are one of the biggest profit centers for the golf club and thus it is difficult to suggest that we scale back on the use of carts and encourage walking.

Please share your thoughts on the pros and cons of the extensive use of carts in golf.

Frank & Valerie

24 thoughts on “Coexisting With Carts

  1. I am 68 now and probably would have given up golf a long time ago had it not been for carts. It still takes over 4 hours to play a round and I am not as tired, and my feet feel better riding. Looks like I might have to give up playing in the hot sun because the Dr. said the sun is damaging my skin, even though I use sun block and wear a hat. If we live long enough, something is gonna kill us. Ha.

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