The Scariest Putt in Golf?

The scariest putt in golf, for the right handed player, is I believe a three-footer or slightly less, left to right severe breaking putt on a fast green about 10 to 12 on the Stimpmeter.

The best way to handle this putt, is not to throw up your hands and think – or even say or shout — “Oh No!!!” but to calm down and follow the next four steps:

  1. Read the putt carefully from both sides, and select a target point — even a severe break from this distance will not be very much more than a ball outside the left lip.

  2. Make a few rhythmic practice strokes.

  3. Align your set up with your toe line parallel to your target line

  4. Get over the ball, TRUST your line and make a solid smooth stroke – don’t try to baby it in the hole — and keep your head still, eyes down and listen for the ball to drop – watching it will not help.

Don’t be scared, trust yourself and let it happen

Let me and other Frankly Friends know what you believe is the scariest putt by replying below.


6 thoughts on “The Scariest Putt in Golf?

  1. I’m sort of a weirdo with respect to left to right putts. I like them and make more of them than right to lefters. I learned years ago that I could take a very high line and use the toe of the putter. I truly make probably 50% more left to right putts than right to left ones. Btw, I’m a natural lefthander who is right eye dominant, for whatever that’s worth.

  2. Since I am a senior I don’t worry too much about missing golf shots, although I still try to be accurate. Lot’s more fun that way.

  3. I missed 3 of those on different holes, different days, and ended with a double bogey. I will use Franks advice this week if I run into that one again. Doesn’t matter what the slope, Left to Right for a right hander, NOT EASY.

  4. No PUTT scares me because I don’t keep score; I’m a senior and I by myself on a public golf course. If I miss a putt, so WHAT!!! who cares. Certainly NOT me.

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