A Fitting Putting Tip

One is unable to drive a car very well without the seat being properly adjusted so you can reach the pedals etc. This may not be the case, soon when we truly have autonomous cars — but then, are we truly driving?

Fortunately for us, we are not researching how to putt without holding on to the putter. If we were conducting this research and were successful in achieving our goal, then we would not have to get out of the cart when we reached the green, just swipe the screen on your smart phone, open the putt App and watch the putter find its way to the green, via an AI controlled robot. All we would have to do was watch it read the green and make the putt.

Until this day never comes – hopefully — we need to be properly fitted to our putter – 95% of this fitting consists of having the correct length. But before this, make sure you select a well-designed forgiving mallet putter.

To find your correct length;

  1. Position yourself in a natural putting stance with your eyes directly over the ball in a comfortable posture – not leaning, just comfortably balanced

  2. The ball should be between your feet but slightly forward of center (just under one -inch) and about 8-inches away from the toe-line.

  3. Now let your arms relax and hang straight down.

  4. Bring your hands together as if you were gripping a putter.

  5. Get someone to slip your putter between your hands – WITHOUT you moving your hand position up or down or bending your arms

  6. Close your hands on the grip and mark the putter grip half an-inch above the heel of the upper hand.

  7. This mark represents the correct putter length for you.

In 90% of the cases our putters are too long not allowing us to make a smooth and rhythmic pendulum-like stroke.

For a more detailed explanation about this well researched putting stroke and putter design, get your copy of The Fundamentals of Putting and make sure you understand putter technology before selecting your next – and hopefully last putter. You certainly won’t go wrong by becoming a member of the Frankly Frog putter family.

Putt well and forget about your AI robotic putter App.

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