Putt Better Through Design

The Frankly Frog putter is unique in that it was designed to reduce the sources of error in putter design. You must have absolute confidence in your putter when making a putt, knowing that the putter will only help you and your putting stroke. To learn more about the benefits of Frankly Frog putter and eight reasons why you should own one, click here.


Are you one of the thousands of golfers that own and enjoy a Frankly Frog Putter?

If so, please let us know how you and your Frog are doing! Have you won any competitions together, had any special successes or gone on any golfing trips to fun locations?

We always love to hear your stories. Email us directly at MyFrog@franklygolf.com


Meet our Certified Putting Instructors!

Meet Senol Bay, our first Certified Putting Instructor in Turkey! Senol is the Head Coach of the Turkish Boys and Girls Team and is based at Kemer Golf and Country Club in Istanbul! He is a member of the PGA of Great Britain and Ireland.

If you would like your golf professional to become a CPI, they can learn more and enroll at www.certifiedputtinginstructor.com 

Read Senol’s story here


Senol Bay, first Certified Putting Instructor in Turkey

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