Worried About Distance?

Are you concerned about controlling the distance of your putts?

Most often when we worry about this, we tend to consciously manipulate our stroke to achieve the correct distance.

A better idea is to trust your intuitive ability: take a few rhythmic practice swings, looking at the hole to “feel” the distance, then step up, take a final look at the hole and focus on a smooth rhythmic stroke, trusting your body to do the rest.

This is similar to throwing a ball to someone irrespective of how far they are from you. You do not consciously try to control how hard you throw it, you just trust your senses and let it happen.

To improve your consistency, the Frankly Frog putter can certainly help. Its technically sound design minimizes the adverse effects of off-center hits. This tool, in combination with your acquired intuitive ability will result in more consistent distance control.

So, don’t worry…trust yourself, your body and your Frankly Frog putter to get it right.


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