Something to Celebrate!

The Frog was born in the first week of June, 2003 at 02:00 am — in the wee hours of the morning as most new arrivals come.

Later that morning — not long after the final detailed drawings were sent to the CAD people in Ohio, to formalize the documents and prepare for CNC machining– I became aware that this technically advanced design with the high MOI weights, and their specific location, somewhat resembled a Frog but decided to keep this to observation to myself for personal reasons.

Within minutes after sending the design, I received a call from the crew in Ohio to suggest – based on the obvious similarity — that this putter should be called “The Frankly Frog”. We caved to the inevitable.

The Frankly Frog is designed, based on thirty-five years of research, expertise and innovation in the golf industry, including the twenty-six years, developing standards to test and monitor the performance of all conforming golf equipment used in the game.

The fact that the Frankly Frog design concept has been emulated by so many of the major manufacturers, — in spite of the fact it is covered by a design patents — only validates the design. They say that “imitation is the best form of flattery”.

The Frankly Frog putter was not a sudden flash of an idea but rather based on years of expertise and designed to eliminate all the sources of error in the instrument itself. This then helps build the all-important confidence needed when over an important  and critical putt.

To the thousands of our Frankly Frog putter owners, be assured we do not intend to change the design soon as we have taken the advice of many of our Frankly Frog owners, not to “mess with perfection”.

Please join us in wishing our Frankly Frog Putter a HAPPY 15TH BIRTHDAY on this very important day and let us know how you are enjoying your Frog.

As ever,

Frank and Valerie and The Frankly Frog Team


5 thoughts on “Something to Celebrate!

  1. I have three Frogs. Different shafts and different weights and different grips. What a wonderful putter!!!!

  2. Seeing as SC has ’emulated’ so many classic designs, I wouldn’t be particularly flattered. Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but it’s also easier and cheaper than creating your own designs. Congratulations on your anniversary; I’m a big fan.

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