The Worst Fitted Club In the Bag?

If we were able to rate by a percentage, how well each club in the bag fitted the golfer owning that bag, the putter would come last in almost every poll – and by more than double digits to the next most badly fitted club.

We will never be able to drive a car efficiently if we are unable to reach the pedals without “scooching” to the edge of the seat. Similarly we will never be able to putt well if the putter is not fitted correctly.

Fitting a putter in your living room is not difficult.

Simply make sure that in your setup position that your eyes are over the ball (make sure you achieve this position by moving your feet into position, not by leaning) and also ensure that your arms are relaxed and straight (but not stiff). Take your grip on your putter while in this position. Mark a point about 1/2 inch above your upper gripping hand.

Go through this exercise a couple of times and once you have established this point consistently, wrap a piece of tape on the grip at this point. This is the correct length for you and remember that the heel of your upper hand should not be placed above this piece of tape.

To order a Frankly Frog Putter, just measure the length from the point you have marked on the grip  directly down the shaft to the sole of the putterhead. As a very general guide, the average length for men is between 32- 34″ and for ladies, between 31-33″. We custom build Frankly Frogs to various lengths. To find your Frog  click here

If you need help in fitting your putter, please watch our video  

Also remember we have Frankly Certified Putting Instructors available to help.

Frank & Valerie

One thought on “The Worst Fitted Club In the Bag?

  1. Great article.
    In our junior golf school there are too many children with putters at 35inches .
    Who invented 35inches for a putter anyway?
    The best online course I have done with the PGA GB.Thanks to Mr Thomas and Valery.
    Stewart Graham pro.
    Golf de Bondues

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