Putting Lies

This is not about fake news but rather how to reduce the potential sources of error built into the design of some putters.

A relatively flat sole — from toe to heel — on the putter will tend to make you set up into a fixed lie angle, without any compensation for slightly different personal preferences.

If the ball is about 8-inches away from the toe-line; the eyes over the ball; with relaxed but relatively straight arms; the lie angle of the putter will be very close to 72 degrees (see your copy of “The Fundamentals of Putting” for more details).

A putter designed with the proper radius on the sole – from toe to heel – will allow for up to +/- several degrees of personal preference at setup on a flat surface keeping the golfer in their natural set-up comfort zone. The Frankly Frog has the proper sole radius to reduce the sources of error in the instrument itself.

As important, however, is that the putter with a radiused sole – the Frankly Frog putter — will not snag during the stroke when the ball is on a side-hill slope.

Putt well

Frank & Valerie

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