Better Putting Fundamentals

With very few exceptions, we can all putt better, no matter who we are or how long we have been playing golf….

Excerpt from The Fundamentals of Putting

Make 2019 your best putting season yet, by ordering a copy of The Fundamentals of Putting , a perfect Christmas and Holiday Gift which has information you can easily apply and see immediate results.

Here are some Amazon reviews:


Clear, Succinct and Informative

This is an excellent book that is clear, succinct, and informative. The book simplifies the putting process, and has a superb summary chapter that distills the key ideas. I was immediately able to apply many of the ideas. One of the authors has a distinguished history. Before opening his own company, Frankly Golf, he invented graphite golf shafts, and was the technical director at USGA. If you go the website for Frankly Golf, you can discover much more and also learn about the putter Frank Thomas created, the Frankly Frog (I’m not kidding here), which is now in my bag.

Robert Frender


Excellent must read

Excellent analysis of all putting fundamentals.

Robert hunt


Drive for show, putt for dough

If you are serious about putting you will love this book. Great tips for great putting.

William Fisher


Great Book

BTH Ocala


Excellent instructional guide to putting

David Betti

stars (1)

Quality read based on experience and great technical knowledge.





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