Make the Most of Winter

At this time of year I am always asked the best way to make the most of the winter months. Here are 3 quick ways to stay warmed up for golf this winter!

1. Stay loose. Even though its difficult to get out and swing, be sure to stretch as much and as often as you can to maintain your flexibility and range of motion. Remember, increased flexibility can increase clubhead speed which means more distance in the Spring!

2. Practice your putting indoors. Approximately 45% of your score happens on the putting green so work on your stroke mechanics over the winter. If you don’t already have it, a perfect guide to help you in this process is The Fundamentals of Putting which is a step by step, fully illustrated book that will help you putt better next season. A Frankly Frog Putter will help remove the sources of error as well, not to mention the fact that all Frankly Frogs are very well behaved. A visit to a Frankly /PGA Certified Putting Instructor would also be recommended.

3. As strange as it seems, sit in your armchair and in your mind’s eye play your local golf course. Recall the best score that you have had on every hole and replay the shots that you hit to achieve this score. This exercise helps you remember all your good shots and has the added benefit of allowing you to put them all together to play your best “virtual” round ever. When its cold outside, what can be better than sitting indoors recalling all of your great shots?

Stay warm,



One thought on “Make the Most of Winter

  1. Hi, Frank. Greetings from Jackson Hole, where we know a thing or two about Winter. All three of your suggestions are excellent, and especially your suggestion about recalling one’s best shots. Visualization and a positive mind set are critical when preparing for a shot, and why not work on that part of one’s game after shoveling snow, sitting by the fire?

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