Lock in Your Consistency

Consistency is the first thing to go if you don’t maintain your swing path – i.e. proper swing-plane – and/or lose your rhythm.

Try this:

  1. To stay in plane, make sure you initiate the stroke with your shoulders – the engine of the stroke – rocking them freely about your spine, with the arms, wrists and putter following as a single unit. Try to avoid thinking about taking the putter back with your arms or hands.  To help recognize a good swing path attach a Frog Stick on the putter shaft while locking-in a good natural swing plane.

  2. To maintain good rhythm, make sure have a very light grip pressure. A tight grip will allow you to manipulate the stroke rather than letting it happen naturally.

  3. If you want to reduce all the sources of error in the putter, consider trying a Frankly Frog   a putter you will love.

Putt well,


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