Why Do Golfers Use a Claw Grip?

We need to recognize that in some cases the hands are inclined to vie for dominance rather than work in synchrony or allow one to be the leader and dominate with the other being passive and going along for the ride.

This fighting of the hands for dominance will cause inconsistencies in the stroke, affecting direction and distance control. Fighting hands can also affect the swing plane.

Fighting hands is common and another reason for selecting a split grip. In some cases, using a claw grip (i.e. when the right hander uses a split grip and the lower hand –right hand—is turned upside down and holds the club between the lower hands thumb and index finger) solves this problem.

This will help us—not our hands—make the decision as to what hand will dominate while the other remains passive.

For more insights on the various methods of gripping the club, consult your copy of  “The Fundamentals of Putting

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