3 thoughts on “Tiger’s Masters Victory

  1. It was nice to see Tiger have the putter working. This is great for golf. I was wondering if you see an uptick in business when Tiger wins an event like this. I know he brings a lot of attention to the sport. Just curious.
    Thanks again for taking the time to do these.

  2. Listening to tiger and other pros, the greens were slower than usual. Another thing tiger mentioned was that if he was going to miss a putt, make sure it was to the correct side, Walk away with a par. He was not always trying to drain it. I thought his 50’ lag putt was also a key to his win. He seldom put himself in a bad position. Lastly, you could see the “new” tiger. Much calmer, always focused, but maybe a deeper appreciation for the surroundings.

  3. Valerie and Frank: I also admired Tiger’s putting. He was doing one of the tips Valerie gave me some years back … while waiting for a partner to putt, he was “swinging the pendulum” to get the feeling of how to “swing” the club when it became his turn.

    You both are, and have been, well ahead of your time and your focus on the fundamentals has helped me play golf at 82 an come within 2 shots of my age two weeks ago. Go Frog!!

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