3 thoughts on “Best Tee Length for Distance?

  1. I picked up a Titleist 7.5 driver, at a yard sale, and tried to tee it up for the angle deal….. awful …. not certain but I think my swing speed was probably 10 mph to slow to pull it off … but man could I slice with it. 🙂

  2. and pick up your tee after you hit. don’t leave it on the tee box, or toss the pieces just off the tee box. like ball marks on the green: pick up yours and one other. and don’t leave broken tees on the par threes so someone can use them to tee up their balls: if they’re playing golf, they can afford to buy short tees, and if they use real short tees instead of broken tees,they can be more consistent in a 1/8th inch tee up.

    a pet peeve. sorry.

  3. and don’t forget to pick up your tee after you hit: if you can’t find yours, pick up another, and pick up another anyway, if you see one. if Tiger and Phil and other pros can pick up their tees, you can too. a pet peeve. Bill Pennington of the New York Times used to say he never bought tees: he used the ones he found on the course. a sad state of affairs.

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