4 thoughts on “Golf Shoes vs Athletic Shoes

  1. Spiked shoes caused me left knee problems because they did not allow my left foot to turn on the follow-through. This put the torque of the follow-through into my left knee (with my right-hand swing). I have played in rubber-soled office shoes for over three decades. It helped my knees. Unfortunately, I should have used them for five decades. I now have a partial knee replacement in my left knee. I would recommend that new golfers give their regular athletic shoes a chance first, especially if they play dry courses.

    • I’m the opposite. I wear golf shoes to prevent my lead foot turning.

      If it turns, (happens on thickish wet grass) it results in a crappy shot.

  2. At age 75, I walk playing golf, unless it is too hot (over 90°), when I might decide to ride. To talk about how athletic shoes are lighter and more comfortable than golf shoes is a serious condemnation of most golf shoes.

    I buy athletic style golf shoes, that are comfortable for 18-27 holes. I need spikes, as I play in hill terrain in wet and dry conditions. Traction is critical. There are some very good and inexpensive athletic water-resistant athletic shoes, such as FJ Golf Sneaker (seems to change names often). As with any shoe, try multiple companies and styles to find one that fits comfortably. I have a wide foot that is difficult to fit. Don’t go with the latest hype, buy based on fit and comfort. I would play in ugly shoes if they are comfortable.

    If you play golf frequently, have at least two pairs of shoes and alternate use. They need to dry fully before their next use. They last longer. If you use spikes, replace frequently. It is amazing how quickly traction is affected by wear.

    I have played in warm, dry conditions on flattish courses in athletic shoes and they had little downside. Meant I didn’t have to pack golf specific shoes, and could use rental clubs. If you are planning to play on vacation, I suggest contacting the course you will play to ask if they allow athletic shoes to be used, and if they have exclusions on certain styles.

    As for rental clubs, it would be nice if resort courses would offer several options in clubs: Stiff for young guns, regular/senior graphite for most of us. Seems like all I can find are stiff shafts.

  3. Shoes can influence the health of knee, hip, and back muscles. Wear what’s best for your own situation. I have found that spikeless golf shoes are little different from trail-running athletic shoes when it comes to healthy design and on-course stability and grip. Both are green-friendly as well. Naturally, golf is meant for walking, so make sure your feet are happy!

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