3 thoughts on “Push Trolley, Power Trolley or Carry?

  1. I enjoy my push trolley when I can use it. Unfortunately in the US there are two problems with walking: 1. A lot of the courses where I am require a buggy. 2. In the eastern US the heat and humidity can be a killer (figuratively and literally).

  2. I have used a Powacaddy Rio model for over 35 years. It has two wheels and only one control. I rearranged it to go forward in front of me and got a second one that I have used for spare parts. I have tried the three-wheel 7-button control models and scored 1/2 stroke per whole more than with “old reliable.” It has super-wide wheels and its one control can be adjusted to match one’s exact stride. It took 15 minutes off my 4-hour playing time and has helped my back immensely. I have used it for 8 to 14 clubs. Using a towel stapled around a bent clothes hanger I made a sun shield for my hand which also helps during the winter to keep my hands warm without a glove. Enjoy

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