You Gotta Have Rhythm

If you want to develop good distance control in putting you need have a consistent, rhythmic stroke.

This is probably one of the major flaws affecting our distance control and our consistency and a problem many golfers have – including elite golfers, especially when under a little pressure to sink the putt(s).

You need to let your internal natural rhythm which is inside of you come out of hiding. However, to do this you must first unlock and open the door to let it out.

The Key to this door is by recognizing that every putt has the same rhythm, and the putter head speed is dependent only on the length of the back-stroke.

Now to open the door, you need to relax the arms — which should be relatively straight– and have a light grip.

To move through the door, make sure that the shoulders, arms, wrists and the putter act as a single unit. This unit moves somewhat like a pendulum along a flat, but inclined plane – which makes the putter head appear to the golfer to be moving in an Arc.

If you follow this procedure you will expose your natural rhythm and intuitive ability to control the stroke and thus develop consistent distance control.

You can learn a lot more — but only if you are serious about improving your putting — by referencing The Fundamentals of Putting.

Putt well with rhythm



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