Take the Mystery Out of Putting


Finding constancy is an essential component in our lives if we are to maintain any form of normalcy, especially now that we find ourselves surrounded by advanced technological progress – if you want to call it progress — and in a state of complete humanitarian turmoil. We must therefore be thankful that we have golf which in its relatively stagnant state provides the constancy which we can turn to while performing an essential periodic process of re-calibrating our normalcy compass.

After more than 500 years of its existence, golf is essentially unchanged – relatively speaking – and still provides us with the same drug which allows us to satisfy the subconscious urge to evaluate ourselves.

Putting, a major component of the game, is an example of how little the fundamentals have changed over time, which without some formal guidance will take time to understand and perfect . We have introduced a short cut to that learning curve, taking the mystery out of putting by demonstrating how to allow your body to make its natural stroke while thwarting the mind from providing instructional control during the stroke.

The secret is a clear understanding of the fundamentals as explained in the most informative book ever written about putting “The Fundamentals of Putting”, recently revised and updated, which provides a simple, structured, systematic and evidence based approach to putting, and which also includes the basic elements of green reading, how to practice with a purpose, and even putter technology.

It makes a perfect gift which will continue to give.

Be Thankful and Putt Well,

Frank & Valerie


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