Trust Yourself

One of the most fascinating phenomena, not clearly understood, but what we subliminally experience daily, is our ability to positively affect the result of an action by focusing on the intended outcome immediately before performing the act.

We see this in a tennis serve, a goal kick, driving a golf club, and mostly making a putt.

Unfortunately, and too often, we seem to doubt our ability to effectively perform the task well and/or don’t focus on the intended outcome of the task we are about to perform .

This becomes so blatantly clear when we attempt to do something which, relatively speaking takes some time – i.e. a few seconds rather than a fractions of a second — allowing our minds too much time to interfere and control that which we should rather entrust to our acquired ability and just let it happen after the appropriate positive pre-shot imagery of the intended outcome.

The ability to constrain the mind’s urge to take control is an invaluable skill we need to develop and something which is well within our reach.

Take a few seconds look at the target, imagine hitting it and then pull the trigger and let it happen.

Let’s thank whatever force exists that designed this ability into our makeup.

Happy Thanksgiving

Frank & Valerie



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