Putting: Art or Science?

Over the last 19 years, we at Frankly Golf have introduced many innovations to help golfers. One of the most useful, and seemingly obvious of these, is a Frankly Frog putter with instructions for use. Almost every consumer product, comes with a booklet of instruction for use but not so with a golf clubs or putters.

Because so little is widely known about the putting stroke (≈45% of our score) and putting is still considered in many circles an “Art Form” rather than a science, we developed an online Certified Putting Instructor (CPI) course requested by the PGA of Great Britain & Ireland to fill the void in its formal PGA certification curriculum. This course has also been adopted by other PGAs around the world, including a specially translated course for Japan.

This CPI course is a very systematic, structured and straight forward approach to teaching the natural and unencumbered putting stroke, based on scientific principles and years of research, including input from an advisory board, twelve of whom have a PhD in golf related disciplines.

Subsequently we combined the teachings in the CPI course on how to putt, and everything associated with putting, in an easy to read, well-illustrated book “The Fundamentals of Putting”.

We do encourage every golfer to learn how to putt well using the evidenced based teachings we have developed and presented in this book.

This is a gift which will keep giving to every golfer for years, because every golfer can putt better no matter how good they are or how long they have been playing golf.

Please enjoy and ‘Putt Well’ this year and for many years to come.

Frank & Valerie




2 thoughts on “Putting: Art or Science?

  1. Frank, You publish great useful information and I appreciate it. I have used one of your Frankly Frog putters for well over a decade and it has served me well. You are golf’s rock star as you know how to roll the rock.

    • Ron, thank you so much for your kind comments which we will be sure to share with Frank. We are very glad that you are enjoying what we do and please have a very happy and peaceful festive season. May the Frog be with you!

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