Letter to Santa

Hopper Christmas

Ho, ho ho! It’s the time of year where we send a little note to Santa, asking him to bring us some new toys.

Santa is very busy at this time of year, so please remember if you don’t ask, he most probably will not know what to bring you.

To make life easy for you, here’s a letter you can send to Santa. Just sign it and leave it in a visible spot for your family to see and ask them to mail it to the North Pole.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone!


Dear Santa,

I know you are busy this time of year, but I really need your help to improve my golf scores.

When I come home from golf I sometimes feel frustrated because I could have scored much better if I would have been able to putt better. Even when I play well, I know I can shave shots off my score with improved putting. It is 45% of the total after all.

I believe The Frankly Frog putter will help me tremendously and I would be forever grateful if you could please bring me:

 An Original Frankly Frog (Green-Black-Pink) /Mid Mallet Frog /Blade Frog (select your preference)

It also comes with a Fundamentals of Putting book which will be perfect reading for me in the off season so I can hone my stroke with some indoor practice.

Next golf season I know I will be happier, will be able to shoot lower scores and will enjoy my game more with a Frankly Frog putter in my bag.

I have always believed in you Santa, and thank you for reading my letter.

Yours always





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