How Can I Lower My Handicap?

We have answered thousands of questions from our Frankly Friends, as well as viewers and readers of Golf Digest and Golf Channel – over the past 20 years — on all matters relating to equipment, the Rules of Golf or philosophical questions about why we play this wonderful game – which for Martians is a silly game of hitting a ball as far as we can, then trying to find it and once found, hitting again so you can look for it again, and so on until it settles in a tiny hole.

When it comes to equipment the most popular questions relate to distance and how to get more of it.

Unfortunately, my response is that you can’t buy it, no matter what we are led to believe, if you have been fitted correctly and are launching the ball close to its optimum launch conditions for your ball speed. Thereafter any increase in distance will be a result of increasing clubhead speed not lightening your wallet.

We can thank Mother Nature for this, as the laws of physics are now governing distance and only modestly augmented by the equipment rules governing performance standards.

However, the most important question not often asked is, “How can I lower my handicap?”

We were listening to our friend Gary Player being interviewed after the PNC Father/Son Championship in Orlando and heard probably one of the best pieces of advice he has given, which was something to the effect of:  “Putting is more important than distance. If you can putt well with confidence you will lower your score and win more often.”

The statistics show that putting is about 45% of our score, and a survey of 600 lessons — after only one dedicated putting lesson from a Frankly Certified Putting Instructor(CPI) – showed the self-rating skill level improved from a 4/10 to a 7/10. Also that 93% of golfers would consider taking a dedicated putting lesson from a CPI.

We suggest that your PGA pro (golf coach) consider signing up for the online CPI course to improve their knowledge base, allowing them to quickly progress to becoming an expert in putting instruction. This will help them improve their own putting and help you lower your handicap and gain confidence on the green.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Putt well

Frank & Valerie



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