The Benefits of Imaginary Golf


On various occasions, I have found playing golf in my mind extremely helpful. In some instances when I can’t go to sleep at night and have various other things on my mind, I elect to play an imaginary round of golf on my favorite course.

I start on the first tee and play every hole and assume I hit the shots that I intended to, the way I see them in my mind.

I rarely give myself a one putt, but never a three putt. It is important to imagine a positive shot every time and I frequently find that I never complete the round as I have accomplished my mission before I get there.

However, I do suggest that it is extremely counterproductive imagining bad shots as this will only keep you awake.

The second suggestion about imaginary golf is that we do it at times other than when we are in a crisis situation, certainly after or before a round, when we are relaxing and imagine every shot on the course. How you play every hole and developing a very positive feeling about your game seems to carry over and affect your game when you do get out on the course.

In our preshot routine while playing golf we need to create an image of the shot in a similar manner to imaginary golf.

Hope this helps. Please share your thoughts by replying below.

Have fun and stay safe.



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4 thoughts on “The Benefits of Imaginary Golf

  1. This is a wonderful practice that I totally recommend. I personally feel like I have even helped my game by pondering swing issues and even game plans.
    Also, this is a great way to calm nerves and anxieties that like to follow us to bed. I have even found myself picking up where I left off the previous night – when I eventually fell asleep. Even if you are just re-playing an earlier round, give yourself a mental “mulligan” and re-hit that poor shot.
    Thanks, Frank!

  2. Frank- Thanks so much for articulating a powerful method I have use for years. If I judged my game based solely on rounds played in my mind, there is absolutely no doubt I’d ranked in top 3 Golfers of all time. Appreciate this opportunity for to do a little bragging. —Tommy

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