“Bleach” Balls

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Hello Frank and Valerie
Every once in a while I find top quality golf balls in really good condition – – mostly in far-off places on my golf course. This typically happens, of course, while I’m helping my playing partners who are trying to find THEIR “lost” balls.

When I’m finished playing, I clean these “new” balls as best I can with soap and water. After this initial cleaning, I then carefully place them in a sealed glass container containing straight Clorox Bleach – – where I let them sit – – usually overnight.

The transformation is amazing – – after 24 hours in the bleach, the vast majority of these balls (> 95%) look absolutely sparkling – – actually, they look brand new!

My question is whether, in addition to the bleach doing a fantastic job restoring the cosmetic appearance of these balls, that same bleach might be having a hidden “adverse” affect on the much more important performance characteristics of these balls.

Any information you can shed will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time — and please keep up these very informative vignettes.

Stay safe in these turbulent times.



Thank you for your kind comments.

It’s amazing what you will find when you are deep in the woods, looking for your playing partner’s golf balls😊.

As long as these balls have not been submerged in water for too long, and the cover surface is in good shape AND you are not intending to use them in a US Open then go for it. I am not sure that soaking them in bleach is such a good idea, however, no matter how pretty they look the next day.

Hope this helps



4 thoughts on ““Bleach” Balls

  1. Experience has shown that golf balls found in the rough have often gone feral and will take the first opportunity they get to return to the rough.

  2. I still love my original 08 Frog, a few years ago you replaced the shaft after I stepped on it getting out of a bunker😫you checked me and decided I needed a different length. Enjoy seeing you and Valeri- she is a great putter-the ball always goes in😲keep up the enjoyable mail👏🏌️‍♂️

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