Approach Your Putts With Confidence


No matter how daunting the putt seems, step onto the green believing you can make the putt. Then start your preparation to fulfill that belief.

  • Look for the fall line and read the putt

  • From behind visualize the putt while you make rhythmic practice swings

  • Now, with complete confidence that you have done everything according to plan, set up with your eyes over the ball

  • Align the body and the putter and take a last look at the target

  • Don’t hesitate and focus on a small spot on the ball and without moving your head or eyes during the stroke, make your stroke with complete confidence

  • Then enjoy watching the ball fall into the hole

The Fundamentals of Putting covers the details of every move to gain the confidence you will develop every time you step onto the green.

Putt well.

Frank and Valerie



We would like to thank those of you have donated to the appeal to help provide food packages for caddies in Southbroom, South Africa. We have so far raised funds to provide food packages to 20 caddies for one week.

Its not too late to help and also be entered into a drawing for a Frankly Frog putter, which will take place on May 8th.

Every donation will go a long way to helping these caddies and their families.

Thank you so much for your consideration and care.

 You Can Help By Clicking Here (USA)

You Can Help By Clicking Here (UK)



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