The Life of Golf Balls

Thanks to everyone who has been sending us questions. Its so nice to hear from you and help you by answering your questions. We are working our way through them and will be selecting and publishing the most informative and enjoyable over the upcoming weeks to share with our Frankly Friends.

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This week we have a question from Tom about golf balls.


Good afternoon Frank, I hope you are coping with this weird world we find ourselves in.  Thank goodness my golf club is still open and we can get out and walk 18 and breathe some fresh air while keeping a safe distance apart.

My son has several dozen Pro V1 balls I’ve given him over the years that have been in a temperature controlled environment.  He is now picking golf back up (1.5 handicap) and we are curious as to the quality of the balls after all these years (5-7 years).   Please let us know.



You don’t have to worry about the performance of these balls.

If, as you say they have been stored in a temperature controlled environment, then they will maintain the performance properties they were born with.

Good for your son getting back into golf. Nothing but good can come from this. When he starts competing at an elite level then you should get him some new ProV1s only because they have some slightly better properties that very few – even on tour – will recognize. But the manufacturers need to make slight improvements to justify the new model.

Good luck to your son

Putt well






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