Is Your Putter Too Long?


Most putters are too long.

Putter fitting is essential if you want to putt well. A badly fitted putter will cause built in compensations and errors into your stroke and make it impossible to reach your potential to become a good, consistent putter which in turn allows you to enjoy your game and have fun playing golf.

The simple steps to fitting your putter are :

  • Comfortably address the ball with your eyes directly over the ball which is between the toes but ahead of your feet by about 8-inches.

  • Lightly grip the putter with your arms straight (not stiff).

  • The correct length (assuming it is too long to begin with ) will be from a point about 0.5-inches above the upper hand to the sole of the putter.

For more depth on this, please consult your copy of The Fundamentals of Putting, Chapter 2.

You can see suggested length guidelines based on height on our Frankly Frog putter order pages. Click here, choose what Frankly Frog putter you like and then you can discover the recommended length for you.

If you have any questions about your putter length, or what would be best for you, get in touch by email:  and we will be happy to help.

Putt well.

Frank and Valerie



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