Distance and Shaft Weight


Hi Frank,

Can you give me some thoughts about driver shaft weight. Looking at the different weights of shafts is there generally a way to say one shaft will work over another?

I am looking at senior shaft weight of 45 grams vs. a 55 grams shaft. I would think this is difficult to answer without going a Trackman machine.

Being a senior golfer I would think a lighter shaft would be more appropriate.

Also, enjoy all of your website information. Thank you for that!





I assume that you are looking for a little more distance

The difference in performance between 45- and 55- gram shaft in your driver, is negligible.

I would suggest that you work on getting the flex that suits you best i.e. feels good, and not worry about small differences in the weight.

Yes, some feedback from a Trackman will help but the best feedback is directly from you.

A little stretching every day will do wonders not only for your game, but also for your quality of life. Ask your Dr. or Physical Therapist for some suggested flexibility exercises.

Hope this helps.


The Frankly Frog Putter


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