Dealing with Double Break Putts

Reading Double Breaking putts

Reading Double Breaking Putts can be tricky

How to putt on undulating greens is something which plagues many golfers, especially on the longer putts which frequently have a double break.

The trick is to segment the putt as if it was two putts.

  • Do this from the hole backward to your ball.

  • Start this process by looking on a straight line between the ball and the hole.

  • Look to see how the putt will break for the second break to the hole – and estimate how fast this will need to be traveling when reaching this point — as if you were putting from this point –Starting Point #2.

  • Mentally mark this as Starting Point #2 (SP2)

  • Go back to your ball and estimate how much break there is, from your ball to this point SP2 – i.e. the first segment of your putt.

  • Remember it is very important to not only identify the point SP2 to which you will making the first segment of the putt but ALSO, how fast the ball must be traveling when it gets there – ie. the start point for the second break — to successfully take the second break all the way into the hole.

With a little practice you will find this works well or at least gives you a workable process to read a double breaking putt.

Putt well,

Frank and Valerie


Frankly Golf was founded by Frank Thomas and Valerie Melvin to Help Golfers. Every week we provide complimentary information to help golfers around the world. Over the last 20 years we have researched putting, designing the Frankly Frog Putter as well as introducing the online Certified Putting Instructor Course, an international industry recognized qualification to drive real putting results for students. 

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