Should You “Die” the Ball into the Hole?


Remember, if you try to “die” the ball into the hole, there is a plus or minus tolerance in distance associated with this. This means that you will find yourself short of the hole almost 50 % of the time. You won’t sink the putt if the ball does not reach the hole.


The Frankly Frog Putter

2 thoughts on “Should You “Die” the Ball into the Hole?

  1. You are spot on my friends. I love to “Die” the ball into the hole and it has cost me on most occasions. Why do I do it then? It feels so good when it goes in. At least that’s the way I think it will feel. Thank you for you for all you do for the game.

  2. always thought that without some momentum, if you die it into the hole, the closer it got to the hole, the more some irregularity around the hole could throw it off line, and the greater the effect of any slope. read elsewhere that the goal should be 17 inches past the hole if it does not go in: always been a little dubious about the “research” around that number.

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